Atid Chapter The Kabbalah of Joy (Even When Your Heart Lies Panting on the Floor!)

March 9, 2021 @ 7:00PM — 8:30PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

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Atid Chapter The Kabbalah of Joy (Even When Your Heart Lies Panting on the Floor!) image

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Everyone has faced loss and emotional challenges in the past year. People are talking about the global pandemic, radicalism and terror, and economic uncertainty. People are feeling more isolated than ever before. Is there hope? Is happiness and joy possible?

Yes! Says the Kabbalah and the teachings of the Jewish mystics. In fact, the darkest times offer the greatest potential for national and personal hope and even joy.

In this talk by teacher and author Chaya Rivka Zwolinski, you’ll learn about:

  • The exile of joy and the Shechina (how you relate to the feminine indwelling Divine Presence.)
  • Is joy a mitzvah? (What’s a mitzvah?)
  • The politically incorrect advice of the Jewish mystics (“May the force be with you.”)
  • The key to joy according to the kabbalists (Self-evaluation and finding your good points)
  • Start your journey to joy (Searching for your Lost Princess and other relationships.)

And much more.

Chaya Rivka Zwolinski, author of the new book, May You Have a Day: Making Every Day Better with the Teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov is the leading teacher of Breslov wisdom for women in North America. She brings compassion and a deep understanding of psychospiritual trauma, transition and growth to her talks, classes and coaching. She’s lectured in community centers, synagogues, schools, and other venues, as well as online to students on six continents. Her popular series include Kabbalah and the Mind-Body Connection, Holy Self-Esteem, the Contemplative Writing workshop, and more. Her articles have appeared in,, and many other venues, and she’s written and co-authored several books including Therapy Revolution: Find Help, Get Better and Move On (HCI) and The Parent Child Dance: A Guide to Help You Understand and Shape Your Child’s Behavior (Feldheim), and others. Currently she’s working on a short book about the future of the world as well as a second May You Have A Day. Visit her website and join her for daily mini-lessons at WhatsApp – just text your name to 917-348-1573.

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